Racing the Giro Rosa 2013 with the US National Team

If you know much about women’s cycling, you know that funding is a constant struggle for us. Sponsors are hard to find, and very few women ever earn enough to support themselves in the sport without a second job. I have recently been offered a spot on the US National Team to race the Giro Donna (called the “GIRO ROSA” this year) in Italy, one of the most important international races in all of women’s cycling.


This will be the culminating race of my career thus far, and I’m so honored to be asked to represent my country in this way.
Unfortunately, the US Women’s National team struggles to find funding the same as we do in professional cycling, and the team will be unable to pay my full expenses for the trip. In order to support my passion of cycling, I work as many hours as is possible outside my training schedule, but it’s difficult to continue to pay my bills, let alone pay for this trip overseas. In addition, in order to be gone from my job long enough to train and compete for this race, I risk falling below the minimum hours required to keep my insurance coverage. So I am hoping that my friends and family will be able to help me cover these extra unexpected costs and allow me to pursue this dream.

$1500 would cover my travel costs and also pay for my potential cobra insurance fees that would be required to retain my health insurance. Because cycling is a dangerous sport, I can’t risk competing without coverage. Any level of donation would be heartily appreciated! Thank you for considering supporting me!

You can donate here:
or click on the logo “goFUNDme“.