Ride with me August 17th @ 10am- meet at West End Bikes in PDX!

Hi, Folks! In conjunction with the Meet and Greet, we’ll also host ride the next day! Join me for a chill, 46 mile ride on August 17th @ 10am! We’re meeting at West End Bikes, so be prepared for an awesome day in the saddle!

Here’s the route: (Redlands loop). This ride is an opportunity for all of you to get to chat and ride alongside with a local neo-pro, me!  This is a no-drop ride, and the pace will average about 15-17 mph (a little faster than a recreational ride, but hopefully at a pace where you could strike up a conversation with whomever you are riding next to – well, except maybe on the hills).

To download/view the ROUTE, click below


Stay tuned for an alternate route as well that will just be down the spring water and back to West End for those who don’t want to do that long.

WHAT TO BRING :Be prepared to be self-sufficient with: flat kit, food, water, etc and to dress appropriately for the weather. Bikes must have front and rear brakes and helmets are required.  Clip-less pedals and/or toe cages and bike specific clothing are recommended.  For any of your bike needs, please hop on over to West End Bikes and they can help you out!

Stay tuned to the website, or FACEBOOK, for more details!

Looking forward to seeing you all!