It’s been a while…

It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve blogged! Here are a few highlights from the past few months and random “Brie-type” thoughts.

First and foremost- I’m proud to announce that I have signed again with OPTUM Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies for the 2014 season! Super stoked to race my sophmore year with these amazing, talented women and to be alongside our “brother” men’s team. We’ve got a lot of exciting races on tap for 2014. The 2014 schedule contains our “target” races as there will likely be some additional races here and there we’ll hit up.

2014 is going to be one of the best years for Women’s Cycling. If you haven’t become a member yet with the Women’s Cycling Association– DO IT! For just $35/year, you can contribute to increasing support of women’s cycling, developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling in the United States. Check out their website and see how the organization has taken off since launching last June.

On this topic- I have some great news! Circling back to my last post, the “Brie Meet and Greet fundraiser” @ Hosmer Chiropractic, I wanted to let ya’ll know that the monies raised were donated to support the Oregon Women’s Prestige series. (OWPS) The funds will support and allow OBRA (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) to have a separate Cat 3 series within the OWPS, in hopes of growing and encouraging on-going participation of women’s fields as they move through the ranks! I’m super pumped to be a part of the effort and contribute to growth in women’s cycling here in Oregon.

A few highlights from the past few months…..

I’m proud to announce that I’m a client of Kendra Wenzel of Wenzel Coaching! Kendra comes from years of coaching all types of cyclists from recreational to elite and up to the pro-level. As a former-pro herself, I’m in great hands.

The best off-season training? BACKPACKING!  We had made plans months ago to backpack through the Zion National Park, but with the Government Shutdown, we decided to still go and “skirt” the park in SE Utah of the Dixie Wilderness.

outskirt of zion

Oregon’s cyclocross scene is booming and October marks the middle of season. I played a bit in the local Cross Crusade series, sporting my SLOTH socks and attempting to race my cross bike. A little uphill struggle here and there…


but in the end, you can actually make a buck or two


Weight training classes with Karey Miles, NASM CPT at Hosmer Chiropractic


OODLES  of family time and cookie-making

cookies family

Professional bike fit with friend and fitter, Joe Holcomb @ West End Bikes in the Pearl



Training with friends

Everyone's a winner at the top of a gravel climb. What do you do? Show your belly!

Everyone’s a winner at the top of a gravel climb. What do you do? Show your belly!

Adventure riding with partner, Karey Miles of West Coast Women's Cycling (WCWC)

Adventure riding with partner, Karey Miles of West Coast Women’s Cycling (WCWC)


Long-time friend and former teammate, Anna Christensen

coffee rides

Tower of @lazerhelmets

jacob rathe

Breaktime with local pros Jacob Rathe ( Jelly Belly Cycling Team presented by MAXXIS) and Anna Christensen (Pinnacle Women’s Cycling Team)


St. John’s Bridge of PDX with Dan Penner and Brenne Wrye-Simpson of #Ironcladcycling team


Wild Turkeys at Sauvie’s Island in PDX



Continuing to work at Yakima Racks! February marks my 5-year anniversary at Yakima Racks! I’m super fortunate to work for such an awesome organization: fun co-workers, sweet products and a company that is deeply involved in the outdoor community. Plus, allowing me to continue to work and race my bike professionally. Thank you, Yakima, for 5 awesome years- looking forward to the years ahead!

View from the "cube"- with dinos

View from the “cube”- with dinos

Learning about the magical “Psoas”-the muscle located on the side of the lumbar region of the vertebral column and brim of the lesser pelvis.  I’ve heard about this hidden gem among cyclists in the  community over the past year and from my desk-ridden co-workers…but what the hell is it?  It wasn’t until last year that I discovered it’s existance 48 hours after vigorously sprinting up the final PUNCHY hill at the Nature Valley Grand Prix Stillwater stage.  It’s magical, mystical and what Aaeron Gustafson calls the “chief of all lower and upper back pains”. This muscle can become tight while in the “sitting” position. Cycling and desk-work are the most common ways to tighten up this muscle and make her angry. The T-Rex knows all about this…


Thanks to Aaron and his work- I discovered how to release this sucker and in turn relax the opposite muscles- low.back all the way up to rhomboid. Here’s an effective stretch Aaron showed me during one of our sessions.  This is something I’m doing a few times a week and it’s paying off.

This stretch in tandem with this effective massage help chill it out. Try this self-trigger point release video with a soft trigger point ball. Thanks to Phil DeVasto at Hosmer Chiropractic for healing me the first time around after the Nature Valley Grand Prix.

Avoiding “bunionette” surgery by tackling the root-issue. I’ve struggled with my “sixth toes” after years of wearing narrow cycling shoes and taking a beating with aggressive  boots back in the ski racing days. Over the years, they just got worse. Thanks to Aaron @ Transcend Body Works for helping me work out the issues with cycling shoe and everyday shoe modifications,  wearing TOE SPACERS with my LEMS shoes and body work.  The combination of natural remedies have reduced the size of the bunions and my feet are MUCH happier on and off the bike


It’s been an awesome off-season! Training camp just 1 week away, where I will be re-united with the gang for a sweet 10 days of training in Oxnard, California.

Upon return, I’m off to race in the Spring Classics block #1 in Belgium and Holland with the USA National team. Keep posted for fun blogging and follow me on the road!

Until then, greetings from snowy Portland, OR, where everyone is freaking out in this “Snowmageddan” . Looking forward to thawing out in Cali!

Karey and I freezing in PDX

Karey and I freezing in PDX